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Welcome! You can use our free Faceblock unblocker to bypass blocks that may be in place at your organisation. Our Facebook Proxy will tunnel Facebook (or any other site) through our secure, dedicated server, and back to you. This makes it extremely hard for network admins to stop you browsing your favourite sites such as Facebook!

As well as working with Facebook, we also support social networking sites MySpace and Bebo - not to mention almost every other site out there!

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Why use our proxy?
Unlike many other free proxies and Facebook unblockers, we use our own dedicated hardware. This means that nobody else has access to our server. Use of this service is extremely secure and your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

What if this site is blocked by my work or school?
Network administrators slowly discover our sites and will gradually add more to their block-lists. Try some of these sites below from our network... | |

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